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About Us

Xerarch's Sauces is a small batch maker of traditional salsa and spices. We are a family company founded in 2003. All the fresh peppers used in our award winning line of salsas are flame roasted to give them a bolder and sweeter flavor. The thick blended consistancy allows you to get full salsa flavor in every bite and gives our sauces excellent "chipability". Our salsas make a great snack with chips or in a 7-layer dip, or as an additive to Chili or Tortilla Soup. It can be used as a marinade for Chicken, Pork or Beef. With "Mellow", "Nice N' Hot", and "Severe", there is a heat level to suit everyone from lightweights to Chileheads. Our spice blends can be used in cooking or just keep them on the table to add to all your favorite dishes. Jens Rib Rub combines the sweetness and bold flavor of Texas BBQ with the mustardy tang of Kansas City style. It is great with or without BBQ sauce on any cut of meat.

All of our sauces and spice blends are made to compliment each other. Try adding our Green Heat jalapeno seasoning to Jens Rib Rub for a more southwest style BBQ.


Art Xero Weingaertner- Owner and chief sauce maker

Del Larson- I.T. Specialist and chief designer

Joe Hurtado- Distribution

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